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Some of you may already know about and use the app 'What3Words'. This FREE map based app gives a unique combination of 3 words to every 3 square meters in the world.
It is incredibly useful for us when trying to find yards which are difficult to find, so if you use the app, do please let us know the specific three words for your yard and our reception team can add them to your yard's address.
This will be a huge help to our vets, especially if you have an emergency and we need to get to you quickly or if you have a field but no post code or landmarks to help find the gateway.
It could also be incredibly useful for riders from a safety point of view. If you have a fall or your horse goes lame out on a hack and you need to get help, it can pinpoint where you are and enable you to get help much quicker.
'What3words' for Bell Equine are: PERFORMS.ATTITUDES.BRING which will take you to our main gates.