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Tapeworm Saliva Test

A reminder to carry out an AUTUMN TAPEWORM SALIVA TEST.  It is important to check for tapeworm at this time of year as a high burden can have serious consequences, such as a partial or complete blockage of the intestine, causing the horse to colic.

The easiest way to find out if a horse needs treating for tapeworm is to use this tapeworm saliva test. This is a simple test that can be performed by owners at home.  It measures the level of antibodies to tapeworm in the horse’s saliva which gives an indication of the level of burden.  Our vets can then advise accordingly on the appropriate wormer.

If you are on our Horse Health Programme this saliva test is INCLUDED within the plan when you join. The test, along with 4 worm egg count kits are sent out when you sign up / re-sign up, along with a calendar of when we suggest using the tests. Once we have the test results, we will send you out an appropriate autumn wormer, which is also INCLUDED in the plan.

If you are not on our Horse Health Programme but would like to purchase a tapeworm saliva test, please call reception on 01622 813700 and we can  arrange to send one out to you.