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Sports Medicine - Performance Evaluation

Our hospital team includes vets with a specialism and particular interest in poor performance in sports horses.  Performance problems are often subtle and can be multifactorial, so we recommend a comprehensive assessment in such cases. Examples of horses that we have helped are those that start to resent or resist work or movements inexplicably; those that are losing marks and dropping places; those that start putting in an unexpected stop or rolling a pole or those that are struggling with their energy levels or keeping within time limits.

Our sports horse medicine team are experts in their fields and use the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose and treat horses whose performance is not meeting expectations but for no obvious apparent reason. We aim to detect problems at an early stage when they can be easier to treat and to keep our athletic horses healthy and allow them to compete to the best of their ability for longer.

Our comprehensive sports horse assessment begins with an online questionnaire, which records relevant aspects of the horse’s training and management. This needs to be completed and returned to us prior to booking an appointment (on inital contact with the hospital a link to the online questionnaire will be sent out). You will then have a free telephone consultation with one of the vets in our sports medicine team, where we will discuss the investigation for your individual horse. 

Our complete investigation is performed at the hospital and includes an orthopaedic evaluation (including under saddle), blood analysis, evaluation of the heart and throat at exercise (ECG and dynamic endoscopy), evaluation of the lungs (bronchoalveolar lavage) and evaluation of the stomach (gastroscopy). Once all results from diagnostic procedures are available, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the horse’s performance risk factors and recommendations for obtaining or maintaining optimal performance.

(The above image depicts a dynamic endoscopy)

Due to the large number of procedures necessary to obtain a thorough view of all of the horse’s performance risk factors, we are offering an introductory discount on our comprehensive investigative plan.

If you have any concerns about your horse’s performance, please contact us at the clinic on 01622 813700 and ask to speak to the performance team - vets Karin Kruger or Evita Busschers.