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Reminder of the dangers...

We were all recently reminded just how much respect we need to have for horses at all times - even when they are sedated. One of our hospital vets was kicked in the head and neck during a routine bandage change.

It’s easy for both us as vets and owners to sometimes become complacent around horses, as the majority are well behaved or give us adequate warning. This was a reminder to us and to all of our clients that even horses under sedation, and when every safety protocol is being followed to the letter, can occasionally have sudden, rapid reactions.

This time we were lucky and although shocked and bruised our vet is thankfully absolutely fine.

Although this was a very unfortunate incident and thankfully the outcome was not serious, it is a reminder to us all to always be on our guard.
We also need to remember how dangerous this profession is and help our vets to make their job as safe as possible.

This article from the British Equine Veterinary Association outlines the risks that vets face every day. Read the full article HERE.