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Routine Health Checks

It is a good idea for your horse to have a routine health check performed at least once a year by a veterinary surgeon.
During a health check, the vet will:
  • Examine the skin for any lumps/bumps or signs of disease
  • Listen to the heart and lungs 
  • Check your horse’s eyes
  • Assess your horse’s weight/body condition
  • Look in the horse’s mouth and assess dental condition (not a full dental examination)
  • See the horse trot up to look for any signs of lameness
  • The vet may take blood sample for testing if there is cause for concern.

The health check is a great opportunity for you to chat to the vet about any concerns you may have about your horse. As an owner or carer of an individual horse, you know the horse better than anyone else and will also know if he is ‘not quite right’. It’s also a good reference point should a condition or illness emerge over the next few months.

It is important to point out that a health check should not be confused with a pre-purchase examination PPE (vetting). A vetting is an assessment of the horse as to whether it is fit for purpose whereas a health check is to determine, as far as possible, that you have a healthy horse.

An annual health check is also included in our Horse Health Plan, which you can see more information about HERE.

If you would like to book a health check in please call reception on 01622 813700.