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New Identification Legislation

New legislation has come in to force this month regarding equine identification. The new legislation makes it a legal requirement for every horse, pony or donkey in the UK to not only have a valid UK passport but to also be microchipped. The identification details of every horse will be stored in a new Central Equine Database (CED).

The new legislation is being welcomed by the equine industry as it will give horses’ greater protection against theft, fraudulent sales and improve welfare. It is also hoped it will assist with the management of disease outbreaks, to allow mapping of horse populations and rapid communication with owners if required regarding a serious outbreak of infectious disease.

The Central Equine Database will log the details of all domesticated horses.  Changes in ownership status of a horse will also be updated to the Central Equine Database by the Passport Issuing Body (PIB) who will do so within 24hours of being informed of any changes. It will also offer a much more streamlined solution for local authorities and police. It will enable them to reunite owners with horses who have strayed or escaped fields more effectively, as well as find those irresponsible horse owners who abandon or mistreat animals and bring them to justice more swiftly.

From 2009, passport legislation came in that all foals must be microchipped when applying for a passport. Before this date however, there will be horses which have not have had microchips implanted due to it not being a legal requirement at the time, so there are a lot of horse’s which this will affect.

Those owners with horses born before this date have until October 2020 to ensure they comply with this new legal requirement. This will allow time for horse owners to have any animals’ microchipped when seeing a vet for other purposes, thus negating the need to pay for a separate call out specifically to have a microchip implanted.

To assist owners with older horse’s requiring microchips, BELL EQUINE shall be offering a reduced rate for supplying and implanting a microchip if we are already on the yard seeing the horse for another service e.g. for a vaccination, dental check or a lameness exam. Do please ask any of our vets when they attend your horse to scan for a microchip if you are unsure whether your horse has one implanted. We can easily implant one at the time or the next time we attend your horse or yard.

There is a press release on the Government website with more about the new compulsory microchipping legislation which you can read HERE.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact any of our vets or reception team on 01622 813700.