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Focus on Gastroscopy

Gastric ulceration is a common condition that affects performance and pleasure horses. It can cause a variety of effects from very mild to severe that can include poor performance and behavioural changes.

Gastric ulceration can only be accurately diagnosed by gastroscopy in which a long camera is passed into the horse’s stomach following an overnight fast. Light sedation is required while the procedure is carried out.

In most cases diagnosis of gastric ulcers is relatively straightforward but treatment can be very costly and the condition may recur. In some cases, more complicated treatment and management changes may be required.

We have recently obtained savings in the cost of omeprazole, one of the primary drugs for ulcer treatment. We are delighted to be able to pass these savings on to Bell clients who's horses are diagnosed with gastric ulcers. (Further savings are also available for clients on our Horse Health Programme - HHP).

Gastrosopy can be performed at the clinic or on the yard and can usually be performed on any working day. Gastrocopy at the clinic is performed by one of our medicien specialists: Karin Kruger, Edd Knowles or Tim Mair.

Please call the clinic on 01622 813700 to speak to one of our vets if you think your horse may have ulcers and to discuss further diagnosis.