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'Don't Break Your Vet' campaign

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) has launched their 'Don't break your vet' campaign today. The campaign aims to highlight the risk to equine vets involved in treating equine patients, ‘to help owners make life safer for their horses, themselves and their vets’. Horse owners are being urged to help prepare their horses for veterinary visits and treatment to minimise the likelihood of injury to their vets.  Statistics show the risk of being injured at work as an equine vet is greater than that of a firefighter!

The campaign is based around short video tutorials, featuring equine vet and behaviourist Gemma Pearson, that demonstrate how owners can prepare their horses to be calm, relaxed and safe for veterinary treatment and as well as other situations such as clipping and giving oral medications. Not only will these helpful steps be of great value to vets when treating horses, but also to owners who are dealing with them on a daily basis.

Read more on this invaluable campaign on the BEVA website and to watch the tutorials HERE.