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Confirmed Equine Flu in Kent Feb 2019

We have been informed that a case of equine flu as been diagnosed in an un-vaccinated, non-Thoroughbred at a yard in East-Kent which was recently travelled from Ireland.

Our advice to clients remains the same:

1) In vaccinated horses flu is typically a mild and brief infection. Unvaccinated horses also usually recover well but can take longer to do so and can be more unwell

2) yards should use sensible and routine biosecurity.  For example isolation of new arrivals and horses with suspected infectious disease

3) Monitor your horses and contact us if your horse is showing signs of respiratory disease in particular if they have a temperature, cough and nasal discharge (snotty nose)

4) We advise flu vaccination for unvaccinated horses or those who’s vaccinations are out of date (last booster more than 1 year ago)

5) In some cases, more frequent vaccination (booster vaccination within the last 6 months) may be appropriate depending on the level of risk the horses are exposed to. This will typically apply to youngstock and yards with higher stocking density and frequent movements.

6)Vaccination with any of the three UK licensed vaccines is beneficial.

For the most upto date information regarding the 2019 outbreak, go to EQUIFLUNET.