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Confirmed case of EVA

There have been two confirmed cases of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) in Dorset on 05.04.19. The horses in question were tested during routine pre-breeding checks which is how the disease was identified.

EVA is a virus which can be spread through breeding, AI and respiratory contact. It causes a variety of symptoms, but most significantly it can cause in-foal mares to abort. As it is an official notifiable disease, swift action has been taken to restrict movement of the affected horses and a full investigation is underway to determine the source and any possible spread of the infection.

This is a reminder just how important pre-breeding checks are and we urge anyone who is thinking of breeding to ensure these checks are always carried out. We would advise owners of breeding mares and stallions to be extra vigilant for clinical signs of the disease (which mostly present as 'flu-like signs) and to ensure enhanced bio-security protocols are put in place on yards.

Due to the vigilance of pre-breeding checks, the risk to the general horse population is very low, but please contact the practice if you have any concerns and speak to one of our vets.