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Check Your Passports!

With this strange year we are having and the lack of competitions, many of you have changed your horse's vaccination schedules, so we wanted to remind everyone to make sure to check when your horses’ vaccinations are due.

With the Equine ‘Flu outbreak in early 2019, many people sensibly opted for 6 month boosters. With this year of lock down and reduced competitions, these 6 month boosters have not been as important. However, the courtesy text reminders we send out, unfortunately cannot tell if you decide to wait for these boosters to be given at the 12month interval and it is important to note that a second reminder at 12months will not be sent out.  

If you are starting your horse’s primary course of vaccinations or need to re-start them, here is a reminder of the interval between the vaccinations:

  • 1st vaccination (Flu & tetanus)
  • 2nd vaccination (Flu and tetanus) – between 21 & 92 days after 1st
  • 3rd vaccination (Flu only) -  between 150 & 215 days after the 2nd
  • Annual vaccine – within 365 days of the last vaccine

If you have any queries regarding vaccination or would like us to check your horse’s vaccination records, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can read more about vaccination and competion requirements HERE.