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Antibiotic Awareness

Are you antibiotic aware?

November 18th 2019 is European Antibiotic Awareness Day #EAAD2019 and the beginning of World Antibiotic Awareness Week #WAAW2019.

Antibiotic resistance is as much of a problem in veterinary medicine as it is in human medicine. As part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have put together some myth busters and advice on how we can all do our bit to ensure antibiotics are only used when truly necessary and to use them responsibly to ensure we keep them working effectively for when we really need them.


** It is important to always finish a whole course of antibiotics at the prescribed dose. Not completing a full course could allow resistant bacteria to survive



** Increasing the dose of an antibiotic your vet has prescribed does not mean it will work faster. Doing this could even increase the risk of antibiotic resistance.



** A stronger antibiotic will not necessarily work better, it’s about using the right antibiotic for that particular bacteria.
Further testing such as culture and sensitivity tests to determine which antibiotic the bacteria is sensitive to is sometimes recommended to ensure we use the most appropriate antibiotic which will work best