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4th case of Equine Flu in Kent

We have had confirmation of a  case of equine flu in Kent on 04.07.19. As previously, we have not been informed regarding a specific area within the county, which we do understand is frustrating, but will update further if we hear more.

Well done to all who have been so diligent in keeping a close eye on their horses and have kept up to date with vaccinations. It is still our recommendation to vaccinate any horse which has not have a vaccine within the last 6 months and to stay vigilant for any clinical signs of equine flu.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding any aspect of equine flu or your individual horse, we are always on hand to answer any of your calls. For further information regarding equine flu and this year’s outbreak, see our website pages with more on this year's outbreak, general information on Equine Influenza, the most recent reports from the AHT and the link to their Equiflunet website HERE.

Updated 04.07.19