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Horse Health Programme - HHP

Save £150* on your horse’s annual core treatments

The Horse Health Programme is a preventive healthcare plan which is suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys. Our competitively priced health plan includes more products and services than any other national scheme and can save you over £150* on veterinary care.

For just £11.99 per month, our health plan has been carefully designed with the cost conscious owner in mind enabling you to budget for your horse’s care by spreading the cost of preventive health treatments over 12 months. The programme offers further discounts including 10% off all veterinary treatments and 20% off selected lifetime care medicines.

Cutting the cost of veterinary care

Why should you join?

  • To save up to £150* per year on veterinary bills
  • To spread the cost of preventative care
  • To include core annual treatments in one care plan paying over 12 months
  • To save 20% on lifetime care drugs (such as Phenylbutazone ('Bute'), danilon and Pergolide (Prascend)), and 10% on all products and services
  • To get your vet’s advice on worming and best practice

You can receive these great benefits when you join the Horse Health Programme:

  • 10% off all veterinary treatment
  • Annual flu and tetanus vaccination
  • Annual health check**
  • Dental check including sedation if required
  • Four faecal worm egg counts to use throughtout the grazing season
  • Autumn tapeworm saliva test with appropriate autumn wormer (make sure to order during September and October - see below)
  • Multi-horse discount (£1 off per month) for additional horses
  • 20% discount on lifetime care medicines

** The annual health check includes: 

  • Examination of the skin for any lumps/bumps or signs of disease 
  • Listening to the heart and lungs  
  • Checking your horse’s eyes 
  • Assessing your horse’s weight/body condition 
  • Looking in the horse’s mouth and assess dental condition and advise if further work is required (not a full dental examination) 
  • Seeing your horse trot up to look for any signs of lameness 
  • The vet may take a blood sample for testing if there is a cause for concern which would be discussed with you at the time. 

Call the clinic today on 01622 813700 or email us on hhp@bellequine.com to sign up or speak to one of our vets. For more information about the Horse Health Programme, visit the Horse Health Programme website for further information or to sign up on line.

To order your tapeworm saliva test during September and October, please email your request to hhp@bellequine.com

*Sample savings based on the cost of purchasing these goods and services separately (based on average prices charged across a sample of 12 CVS equine practices) would result in an average annual savings in excess of £150. Benefits, costs and savings vary depending on the weight of your horse. Benefits received under the Horse Health Programme include: annual flu and tetanus vaccination, 20% off selected lifetime care medicines, 10% off all veterinary treatment, dental check with routine floating including sedation if required, four faecal worm egg counts, annual autumn tapeworm saliva test plus autumn wormer where required, multi horse discount of £1 per month for each additional horse plus annual health check.