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Covid19 update - 21.12.2020



Our vets and amazing support staff will continue to be here for you during these worrying times.

Out AMBULATORY team can still visit you when there is a clear welfare need, but if you can postpone a non-essential visit, please do so.

The HOSPITAL team will also continue to see emergencies and urgent cases and of course our 24/7 emergency service will not change.

By reducing non-essential work wherever possible when local Covid cases are so incredibly high, we can do our part in reducing the spread of the virus and help keep not only our team safe, but also all our clients.

Here is a reminder of our Covid guidance:

  • Please adhere to the 2m social distancing at all times
  • Please wear a mask at all times during the appointment
  • Please keep to 1 handler per horse
  • Please open gates where possible
  • Please have free running dogs either on a leash or put away for the visit
  • Please have your horse ready and waiting with their passport so we can minimise waiting time - we will try our hardest to call if we are running late
  • The hospital is closed to all visitors
  • On arrival, please wear a mask at all times; ensure only 1 person enters reception at any one time; please keep to 1 handler per horse and once announcing your arrival, please wait in your lorry to be met by a member of the team

We hope by taking these steps we can minimise the risk to all of us. Please stay safe and well and if you have any concerns, we're always at the end of a phone to help.