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Covid19 update - 13.04.2020



From April 14th, BELL will be following the latest advice from the British Equine Veterinary Association and subject to strict social distancing will be undertaking a wider range of work in order to protect equine welfare over a more prolonged ‘lockdown’ period.

In particular we will be performing some vaccinations when these are required and can be performed safely with minimal risk including:

• 1st vaccinations
• 2nd vaccinations (21-92 days after 1st)
• 3rd vaccinations of the primary course course (150-215 days after 2nd)
• Annual Booster vaccinations if due in the next month
• Vaccinations of mares in foal

We will NOT be doing 6 month influenza (flu) booster vaccines (after a primary course of 3 vaccines has been completed).

For clients already registered with us on the 28th February 2020 who have missed their booster vaccination due to the covid-19 pandemic and wish to restart the vaccination course, we will minimise the costs. In these cases the first vaccination and visit of the restarted course will be charged as usual but the second vaccination (21-92 days after the first) and second visit will be free of charge (limited to certain appointment days/times).

In line with our previous posts strict social distancing rules will apply. For all vaccination visits the following will be required:

  • We will contact you on the day of the visit to ensure that you/ your horse handler are not self isolating due to Covid-19

  • We will consider the needs for vaccination in each case and any risks to doing so with social distancing

  • Leave your horse tied up with the passport nearby. Stand 10 metres away.

  • Needle shy horses may not be vaccinated – please respect our vet’s decision on this. We must protect our vets from injury and the NHS from an increased work load

  • Any discussion regarding your horse should be on the phone either prior to or after the appointment

  • Please have all access gates open and ready for the vet to arrive & do not have any free running dogs on the yard at the time of the visit.

All other work will be considered on a case by case basis, strictly following the RCVS guidance. Please call us to discuss this with our vets. For example we will not be performing pre-purchase examinations or low grade performance work ups at this time.

Our vets will not accept cash payments. Payments must be made on the day of the appointment by phone or online.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we all navigate this unprecedented situation.