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Call Out Maps


We will attend any area within the practice catchment for routine calls during normal working hours.  If this is not on an 'area day', the visit fee will then depend on the distance from the clinic and take into account any adjacent visits. We will attend emergencies in any part of our practice area at any time. For routine visits that are not included in an 'area day', the map below shows our standard call-out areas.

In the interests of efficiency and the environment, we have arranged weekly visits to certain areas with specific 'area days', which will also help you to keep your costs down. Many parts of the practice are now covered by 'area days' where on at least one day a week a vet will visit the area for routine calls, with the maximum visit fee of £36 (incl VAT), or less if shared by other clients at the same site. The 'area days' cover the areas where a majority of our clients are located.

We do routine zone visits to the Meopham area and Headcorn area on Mondays; Chelsfield area twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sevenoaks area on Thursdays and finally the Swanley area and Sittingbourne area on Fridays. Yards in the Bexley area and Eltham area (*) have a reduced call out on Mondays and Wednesdays.

* Eltham has a reduced call out on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

If your area is not covered by a zone day, do not despair! If you book your appointment well in advance we should hopefully be able to combine your call with others in the area and save you part of the visit fee as well – see VISITS AND AREA DAYS for more details on our area days and how you can save money.


Area Charges

Key   Distance from Clinic Charges
Inner Circle   5 mile zone £36.00 inc vat
Centre Circle   10 mile zone £48.00 inc vat
Outer Circle   15 mile zone £72.00 inc vat
For any other enquiries, please call our reception team on 01622 813700 and they will be happy to advise you.

Weekly Scheduled Visits

Key   Day Area
    Monday Bexley
    Monday Goudhurst
    Monday Headcorn
    Monday Meopham
    Tuesday Chelsfield East
    Tuesday Chelsfield West
    Tuesday Sittingbourne
    Wednesday Bexley
    Wednesday Goudhurst
    Wednesday Meopham
    Wednesday Medway and N Kent
    Thursday Chelsfield East
    Thursday Chelsfield West
    Thursday Sevenoaks
    Thursday Goudhurst
    Friday Sittingbourne
    Friday Swanley
    Friday Goudhurst
    Friday Bexley
For any other enquiries, please call our reception team on 01622 813700 and they will be happy to advise you.