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To make this easier, you can complete this information on line and we will contact you within 1 working day. If you wish to telephone the office please do so on 01622 813700. For more information please check our FAQ’s

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(If the vendor is a client they will need to be contacted buy us to obtain permission to reveal all clinical history of the horse.)

Please ensure that for a pre-purchase examination the yard should have a flat, level area for a trot up, a dark stable to check the eyes and a rider with a suitable area to ride in for a full 5 stage pre-purchase examination. Please be aware that our vet will need to see the passport and any vaccination records. The horse should be groomed with clean, mud free limbs and feet with no hoof oil. The vendor should be notified that a blood sample will be taken and stored for 6 months.

Please note we would ask for at least 72 hours notice to book your appointment at a time and day that will suit you. Sometimes, unfortunately, your preferred vet may not be available at short notice. Please note that depending on the distance and the type of pre-purchase examination the earliest appointment may be 9.30am and the latest may be 3pm.

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