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2015 Flu Vaccination Amnesty

Now the competition season is about to start in ernest, we urge you to check your horse's vaccination records. If you have any problems, you may be elegible for our 2015 'Vaccination Amnesty'.

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Vaccination Amnesty

This month, we are offering savings on the cost of one tetanus vaccine for horses if the vaccine appointment is booked in Feburary. Please read on for the skeme details and to see if your horse qualifies.

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Strangles update

We have had a lot of questions about strangles recently, so we have compiled a list of our top ten tips to help answer some of the commonly asked questions on this tricky subject.

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Are you up to date?

We are now using the very latest form of 'flu' virus vaccine. This vaccine has recently been made available in the UK and includes the Clade 2 strain which was prevalent in last year's local outbreaks.

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