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Internal Medicine

Two of our clinicians have post-graduate qualifications in equine internal medicine, and we are thus able to provide a highly specialised medicine service both for the investigation and treatment of medical problems (such as neurological diseases, respiratory diseases, liver and kidney diseases, diarrhoea and colic, weight loss, diseases of the foal, etc.). We are equipped to undertake around-the-clock observation and treatment of critically ill horses, and the isolation unit permits the hospitalisation and treatment of horses suffering from contagious diseases. We have our own laboratory (in use 24 hours per day) that is an essential component of the medicine service. In addition, we have state-of-the-art ultrasonography, endoscopy and other imaging equipment that plays an important role in the evaluation of medicine cases. We maintain close contact with consultant pathologists both in private practice and in University departments, that permits the accurate and speedy interpretation of biopsies and other samples taken from our cases.