Bell Equine Emergency Contact Information

The reception team is always available to help you during office hours on 01622 813700.

If you have an emergency at any other time, please still call the office on the usual number 01622 813700.

You will then be given 2 options:

Please stay by the phone and one of our vets will ring you back within 10 minutes. Try to keep the line clear until we contact you. If the vet does not call you within 10 minutes, please call 01622 813700 again and the pager service will contact the vet again.

In the unlikely event that you cannot get through on the usual number, you can dial the direct emergency contact number 01209 823271.

As we are an equine hospital, there is always someone on site. If you are coming directly to the hospital, please ring first as we may already be busy dealing with other cases. The hospital electric security gates are closed from 8pm to 6am and you will need to ring the gate phone (07890 568564) to gain entrance.

For general enquiries and all visits, ring 01622 813700

For hospital appointments, contact Linda Loines on 01622 816032 or 01622 813700

For account queries, contact Jana Lincoln on 01622 816033 or Jenny Forbes on 01622 816036